Friday, October 19, 2012

Chewing Slowly Can Reduce Weight Loss

Chewing slowly can reduce weight loss | In a study in the UK stated that chewing food slowly can lose weight. Allegedly within the study, there are hormones that can issue satiety signals while you chewing slowly. Although it took about an hour for the body For really feel satisfied and adequate intake of food. Chewing your food slowly until smooth, will be more easily digested stomach. So feeling full faster will occur more quickly. However, it is better to choose foods with a low amount of calories.

Because the most of the food portions that your chewing still contains calories whether you chew it quickly or not. The food texture is hard and crunchy, if eaten just before the main menu will make you to feel satisfied. Here are tips for you:

Make your sandwich with lots of crunchy ingredients. For example, stack a lot of cabbage, sliced, cucumber, and touge / shoots in between bread sandwiches and other ingredients.

Soft food such as cream may taste delicious, but the foods that loud and crunchy stick better for your health and can affect the size of our waistlines. Research shows it. Therefore, prepare your jaw a little hard work at every meal.

The food was 'heavy' may have an advantage with what is typically found in foods it easy to chew, healthy, and crunchy, which is low in fat and calories, and more fiber. For example, eggplant and mushrooms that easy to chew, a healthy broccoli and cabbage, apples, carrots, and lettuce.

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