Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Breast Milk Contains Anti Cancer Substance

Breast milk contains anti cancer substance | Breast milk is miraculous compound that required for all newborns. Some scientists believe, Breast milk can provide protection to infants against various threats of serious diseases such as cancer. But, how Breast milk protects your baby from many forms of cancer remains a mystery. Now, a new study published the Journal of Human Lactation find some form of protein in the breast milk turns out to have the nature of anticancer substance, called TNF-apoptosis inducing ligand (TRAIL).

In the study, the researchers took a sample of colostrum and mature breast milk from new mothers. In addition, the researchers also took blood samples from healthy women, and infant formula. Then the researchers tested the levels of TRAIL in colostrum, mature breast milk, blood and milk formula. The researchers found that colostrum and breast milk each containing 400 and 100 times the rank of TRAIL, higher than blood. While the content of TRAIL had no detectable in infant formula.

"Breastfeeding has an important role in preventing certain types of cancer in children such as lymphoblastic leukemia, Hodgkin lymphoma, and neuroblastoma. However, endogenous TRAIL solution is a strong candidate to explain the overall biological effect of breastfeeding in the fight cancer" the researchers said.

The mothers were selected to participate in this study had already qualified because they do not show signs of eclampsia, infection, or fever. "This is the first finding that measures the levels of TRAIL in colostrum and breast milk. This research has revealed much higher concentrations of TRAIL in the colostrum and breast milk compared with serum levels of TRAIL" ends the researcher.

Breast milk can develop baby 

Are there nutrients that can stimulate the baby's brain? The answer is yes, there is, namely: breast milk. Latest research finding that babies that are breastfed for the first six months have better academic skills than those who did not give breast milk.

The research was conducted in Australia to 1038 babies who received breast milk from their mother. At ten years of age, babies who are breastfed are superior in mathematics, reading, writing and spelling. However, the results can only be seen protruding from the boys who were breastfed.

Lead author Wendy H.Oddy, a nutritionist from the University of Western Australia said the difference in the level of intelligence in boys and girls is not clear yet. "Alleged while this is happening because the boys are more susceptible to stress, while female hormones have a protective effect" he said.

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